Jason W. Insdorf

Whether you need assistance with litigation, compliance, or general business matters, Jason will protect your interests and fashion a successful result to your issue.

Jason's experience is in immigration/asylum, real estate, personal injury, criminal law, international trade/customs, and employment issues.  In addition to being a partner, Jason works as a United States Federal government attorney with years of experience involving disability and vocational claims.  As a federal union steward, Jason represents employees facing discipline proceedings, including termination. 

During his time at Pace Law School and Yale University, Jason clerked with the U.S. Department of Justice, a natural resource law firm in the Republic of Bolivia, the United Nations, and a private law practice specializing in immigration, asylum, criminal law, and personal injury.  He graduated cum laude with a specialization in international law, and was part of the Jessup Moot Court Team.

Prior to law school, Jason was an international shipping sales executive, customs broker, and manager for a large shipping concern in California and Asia.  He was also founder and legal counsel for an organic food distribution business. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Florida State University.  Jason is widely traveled and is proficient in Spanish.

When not practicing law, Jason volunteers for the Bar Association and other organizations. He enjoys martial arts and spending time with his family.  He is a committed long-time Bay Area resident and father.