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Ike and his team of fearless and diligent paralegals and administration staff are one of kind!

The Attorney and Staff at California Trial law Group did an exceptional job with my Workers' Compensation case. Not only did they get me a fair settlement from the insurance company, but they were able to get it done without having to step foot inside of a Court Room. Ike (the Attorney) knew all of the ins and outs of the Workers’ Compensation system and knew how to navigate around all the tricks by the insurance adjuster. Hopefully this will be the final time that I will be needing any type of legal representation for this type of issue, but I will recommend this crew to anybody that shall ask me for a referral-hands down! I was beyond satisfied with the professional work and efficient speed in which my case was resolved! Thank you very much for your great work guys!!! California Trial Law Group comes highly recommended for anybody that needs the best representation with their Workers' Compensation issue. I speak from firsthand experience. Ike, and his team of fearless and diligent paralegals and administration staff are one of kind and I cannot thank them enough for their great work! Thank You!!! Randy Yassine

I strongly recommend Ike and the California Trial Law Group

We brought attorney Ike kaludi a complicated contract dispute that took seven months to resolve. Ike advocated intelligently on our behalf and negotiated exactly what we wanted, saving us over $20,000 and helping us to avoid litigation. I strongly recommend Ike and the California Trial Law Group. They develop their cases with the client’s best interest in mind and will fight for you. Thanks for everything Ike! Rosario Peralta

You want Ike and Co. on your side!

My wife and I always knew that it would be a good idea to have an attorney who could be relied upon if we ever needed representation. We had to protect ourselves from the neighbors who own the house next to our commercial building. They were harassing us and our staff. Ike guided us through the frustration that comes with litigation, and because of his representation we won our case. Ike was available to us every time we had questions or concerns. His patience, calm demeanor, and knowledge always served to help us relax about the stress. You want Ike and Co. on your side! Kirk Jung

Great Service

Nothing but good stuff to say about attorneys Ike and Carmen, always prompt replies to all my emails, great service, I just sent to their office two friends who needed some help, thanks. Dora Osuna

Great Lawyer

Just want to give a big thanks to IKE KALUDI. Great Lawyer. His team took me in, showed great concern, explains everything so you understand, and got me great results after I experienced an injury at work. Thanks to you and your staff. Claudia Nelson

I will be recommending Ike to anyone that is in need of a good attorney

Ike and his team at California Trial Law Group were a god send. I have never needed a lawyer before my motorcycle accident and initially I was a bit confused about the whole process. Ike was very knowledgeable, he explained to me my options and advised me on the best course of action. Without the help of Ike and his team, I'm positive the process with the insurance company would have been a lot more difficult and would have taken a lot longer. Thanks to their hard work and negotiation with the insurance company, I was able to get the maximum amount of money from the accident. I will be recommending Ike to anyone that is in need of a good attorney. Le'Andre Boddie

A trustworthy, intelligent, and dedicated attorney

This is the first time I personally needed an attorney and the process couldn't have been more pleasant. He was recommended to me for my superior court trial, the case was breach of contract. Ike gave me a feeling he genuinely cared about me from the first day he took my case. He handled my case with professionalism but also put me at ease to know i was in good hands. I would highly recommend Ike to anybody in need of a trustworthy, intelligent, and dedicated attorney who will take the extra steps to make sure he does the best for you. He definitely knows what he is doing and is extremely professional and caring. Wendy

Ike will go the extra step to help you

I have dealt with many attorneys in my past and Ike is one of the most patient, compassionate and professional lawyer you will encounter. He had our best interest at heart while remaining realistic. Ike will go the extra step to help you, even if it means he will be working on a holiday (which he did for us during Thanksgiving last year) and late evenings. Lawsuits are stressful and confusing so it definitely helps when you have an attorney you can trust and is responsive. In other words, he was a pleasure to work with and I absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. Linda

Highly knowledgeable on his practice

Ike had helped my mother and I through a tough and lengthy case. He genuinely care for his clients and also highly knowledgeable on his practice. He is very committed and persistent with our case; seeing it all through that the justice was upheld for my mother and me. My sincerest appreciation to you and your associate. Art

Wow...this guy gave me respectable time and feedback

We all want straightforward answers before hiring attorneys, but today's dynamic prevents that possibility. I know lawyers can't give "legal advice" until they are retained, but come-on man you can give some general advice. Unfortunately, every lawyer i spoke to stuck with the disclaimer, until I spoke to Ike...wow...this guy gave me respectable time and feedback. I am still in shock, but if you are in the market you would be foolish not to call Ike. I am still waiting to see if I have a case, but when I do I will be calling Ike for representation. In the meantime, I have called Ike twice, and his conversations have helped prevent me from making emotional mistakes at a critical point in my workplace situation. I actually went to the hospital due to stress over the harassment at work, but after speaking to Ike I understand the reality of my situation (I don't like it), but at least Ike's reality check has helped keep grounded. I now understand my options and my potential outcomes. Therefore, I must wait and see what my employer will do, but at least now am mentally and emotionally prepared for both outcomes. this has helped me to better manage my stress, which is better than any settlement...thanks Ike! Satisfied Client