Wow…this guy gave me respectable time and feedback

We all want straightforward answers before hiring attorneys, but today’s dynamic prevents that possibility. I know lawyers can’t give “legal advice” until they are retained, but come-on man you can give some general advice. Unfortunately, every lawyer i spoke to stuck with the disclaimer, until I spoke to Ike…wow…this guy gave me respectable time and feedback. I am still in shock, but if you are in the market you would be foolish not to call Ike.

I am still waiting to see if I have a case, but when I do I will be calling Ike for representation. In the meantime, I have called Ike twice, and his conversations have helped prevent me from making emotional mistakes at a critical point in my workplace situation.

I actually went to the hospital due to stress over the harassment at work, but after speaking to Ike I understand the reality of my situation (I don’t like it), but at least Ike’s reality check has helped keep grounded. I now understand my options and my potential outcomes. Therefore, I must wait and see what my employer will do, but at least now am mentally and emotionally prepared for both outcomes. this has helped me to better manage my stress, which is better than any settlement…thanks Ike!